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Miss Kendra Programs is the result of the incredible advances in our understanding of toxic stress and psychological trauma, propelled by hundreds of researchers, clinicians, and health professionals over the past 40 years. Our work is empowered by the vision to create schools that support open conversations about the truth in our students' lives and liberate their energies and spirits for the important work of learning.

In developing Miss Kendra Programs, we partnered with principals, teachers and staff to find ways to address trauma and stress without interfering with the flow of the school day or academic tasks. Our work is never done, and we continue to refine the program with the input from Miss Kendra schools and classrooms around the country.

More than 15 Years of Experience


100% calmer classrooms


75% fewer suspensions and office referrals


95% of teachers recommend Miss Kendra Programs


Over 50,000 students in 250 classrooms


Over 500,000 Letters to Miss Kendra written


Over 100,000 Red Beads worn

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