In 2008, our team of therapists had been treating PTSD among children for many years, and we realized that we had been waiting too long for stressed children to break down into symptoms and behaviors before intervening.

We partnered with the principal, teachers and staff of a local high school, committing ourselves to learning how to address trauma and stress in these students during the school day as problems emerged.

Together with the educators and teachers, we developed methods that worked without interfering with the flow of the school day or academic tasks.

We were then invited to provide services to an elementary school, and we worked with them to develop a “child-friendly” method of engaging them on potentially distressing topics. The Miss Kendra Program developed from this work.

Meet the Team



We have seen decreases in behavior; we have seen children speak their truths in letters to Miss Kendra and conversations on the carpet. To watch their faces after they speak their truths is like watching someone who has been trying to carry a large weight on their shoulders for a long time finally be able to put it down.
2nd Grade Teacher, Bearfield Primary School, Ahoskie, North Carolina
Miss Kendra Programs provide a way for our students to give voice to their worries, and know our school is a safe place in which they could receive support.
Principal, Edgewood Magnet School, New Haven, Connecticut
The best part of the Miss Kendra Programs is knowing that through the program we create opportunities for kids to share their stories and give them opportunities to talk about things that they may not otherwise have the chance to talk about.
Miss Kendra Counselor, Escambia County, Florida
I have seen the worries melt off kids when they are able to write them down and the joy they experience getting a letter in return. Even my students who do not write letters love to hear who got a letter and support them, which does not happen often with my kiddos.
4th Grade Teacher, Spokane, Washington
It is a very informative and open program with a great amount of resources supporting it. It has a great structure, a baseline to go off of, and fun activities for the students.
Kindergarten Teacher, Waterville, New York
Students have a chance to share thoughts & feelings without feeling judged.
4th Grade Teacher, Murphy, North Carolina