Getting Started

GET READY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Our education partners are focused on improving kids’ lives and giving them skills that last a lifetime. Miss Kendra Programs are powerful tools to help classroom teachers and school leaders for K-12 make a difference for their children and themselves. Here’s our quick start guide:

  1. Connect with Us: Let us know that you are exploring Miss Kendra for your school. We are happy to guide you throughout implementation.
  2. Gauge your Miss Kendra Readiness: We’d like to know about your school, your students and the trauma training your teachers and leaders have received. If you need more training, our team has a menu of professional development offerings available to make sure your team has the foundation in trauma-informed practices they will need.
  3. Watch the Documentary“Resilience: The Biology of Stress and The Science of Hope” if you haven’t already seen it. Our experts are happy to be part of your watch event.
  4. Develop Funding Plans: Find sample language for grants or presentations to school leadership. Need something specific? Just let us know and we’re happy to help.
  5. View this Video: Teachers share their enthusiasm about the Miss Kendra Program.
  6. Share this PowerPoint: If you are making a presentation about the program to people in your school district, here is a short presentation you can use.
  7. Apply to become a Miss Kendra School!

Affordable and Sustainable

Because Miss Kendra Programs utilize a public health model that relies on teachers and school support staff to deliver the program curriculum, the all-inclusive cost of implementing the Miss Kendra Program during the first year of the program is roughly $25,000, depending on school size – $50 per student for a school of 500 students. In Year 2 and beyond, The Miss Kendra Program costs only $5,000 per year – just $10 per student per year.

By contrast, SEL programs that rely on remedial/mental health approaches involving intensive interventions with the most distressed, symptomatic, and needy students can cost upwards of $5,000 per student per year.

Why teachers recommend Miss Kendra Programs

Find out why teachers across the country recommend Miss Kendra Programs as the trauma-informed solution for their classrooms. 

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The Miss Kendra Program is a K-12 trauma-informed social emotional learning program and school-based public health approach to mitigate the impact of trauma and toxic stress on students’ academic engagement.  At its core, Miss Kendra Programs help whole schools and classrooms create safe spaces for children to learn norms of child safety and have open conversations about adversity, on a regular basis, in order to identify problems early on and strengthen their psychological immunity.

Through the imaginative and playful world of Miss Kendra, students explore their worries and traumas that interfere with their ability to learn and focus on their schoolwork. It is rooted in the core social emotional competencies set out by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

Miss Kendra Programs go beyond trauma informed to actively addressing trauma. Unlike other social emotional learning programs that work primarily to teach social emotional or mindfulness skills, Miss Kendra Programs work to help students understand the kinds of trauma and toxic stress that interfere with their capacity to execute core social emotional competencies.

Additionally, the program aims to transform and deepen the relationship between student and teacher, which is the foundation of education.  Trauma directly interferes with the health of that relationship, and the Miss Kendra Program helps to restore their connection.

Miss Kendra Programs are interested in partnering with elementary schools that have training in trauma-informed care, that can make a whole-school commitment to the program’s guiding principles of trauma-sensitivity, non-punitive discipline, and a whole-child approach. If your school is ready to move beyond being trauma-informed and ready to address trauma proactively, download an application to become a Miss Kendra school.

Anyone who is working on behalf of the whole school can apply for Miss Kendra Programs. This can include the principal, teacher, superintendent, community organizations and/or parents.

Becoming a Miss Kendra School costs approximately $25,000 for Year 1 launch and implementation, depending on school size, and is $5,000 per year in subsequent years.

  • Initial 5.5-hour training for teachers, social support staff, and administrative staff conducted on-site or online by experienced Miss Kendra trainers.
  • Ongoing phone coaching/supervision of school personnel, follow-up visits, and ongoing support for school administrators to monitor program success from Miss Kendra Program staff.
  • Official Miss Kendra materials
  • Identification as a “Miss Kendra school”

Indicate your needs in the application. Miss Kendra Programs staff will consult with you about pricing for multiple schools.

If you are interested in bringing Miss Kendra Programs to your school, you can email us at, and we can set up a phone call to find out if Miss Kendra Programs are the right fit for you.


As a big group that is advocating for our students to be strong, we're seeing the strength of our kids come forth and they are changing. And Miss Kendra is the reason.
Social-Emotional Learning Specialist, Escambia County, FL
I cannot stress enough the value of a program such as this in my school. Our suspensions and discipline referrals decreased dramatically and our students spent more time in class. Miss Kendra Programs also provided an outlet for teachers, who saw someone readily available to help them.
Principal, Barnard Environmental Studies Magnet School
We teachers definitely feel like we're growing in our skills to talk about trauma, talking about more emotional topics, and we're growing in our confidence to deliver the curriculum to just talk about trauma.
Miss Kendra Teacher, Menlo Park Academy, MN