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Brain Mapping

Try this brain mapping activity to get kids thinking about the space worries take up in their brains.

Draw a giant brain on a large sheet of paper and distribute sticky notes to each child.

Invite children to write something they might be worried about.

Have kids stick their notes all over the brain.

Discuss: What did the brain look like BEFORE and AFTER all the worries?

Emotions Museum

The Emotions Museum activity explores how kids feel sad, scared and lonely when alone. This is an excellent way to connect all kids to one another and make them feel safe.

Break the class into three groups: SAD, SCARED and LONELY.

Each group has three minutes to create a frozen picture of what their emotion looks like.

Once each group has created their image, ask other students to study them.

Family Portraits

The Family Portraits activity helps middle-grade students process their rapidly evolving understanding of their own family dynamics.

Ask a volunteer who would like to share their best, worst and most hopeful family memory.

Select classmates to help enact still-life tableaus of each memory.

For each tableau, ask the class what they notice.