There are two models for bringing Miss Kendra Program to your school:

Both Miss Kendra Programs are designed be whole school approaches with engaging every child through age appropriate classroom-based activities for students ages K-12 to share the distressing issues in their lives.


Miss Kendra Teacher-Based Program

The core aim of the Miss Kendra Teacher-Based Program is to develop a whole-school environment that welcomes open conversation about the students’ stressful experiences, conducted by the teachers and support staff in your school.

This program implements Miss Kendra’s Legend, Miss Kendra’s List, Letters to Miss Kendra, and Red Bead Club activities in the classrooms, all conducted by your trained school personnel (teachers, social support staff). The program includes:

Miss Kendra Specialist-Based Program

The Miss Kendra Specialist-Based program works to transform the entire school culture and create a highly effective learning environment by actively identifying stressed youth before they develop disciplinary or symptomatic problems. Across many schools, our programs have shown:

Our team contracts with you to provide initial and ongoing training, specialized staff for the stress reduction program, and ongoing collaboration and supervision.

Schools agree to implement the program in at least 50 percent of the school’s classrooms and collaborate with our staff throughout each school day to deliver the program.

Services include: