ALIVE is Positive…Proactive…Innovative…
And helps reduce suspension rates and raise graduation rates

In our classrooms, overwhelmed children disengage from their schoolwork or channel their depression and anxiety into disruptive or aggressive behaviors.

In many school systems, this sets them on a downward cycle of detention, suspension and expulsion…or, at best, expensive support services and treatments after the fact.

By identifying and attending to highly-stressed students before they break down with symptoms and negative behaviors, ALIVE helps break the “discipline cycle.”

ALIVE is a creative, breakthrough program that helps students and schools become responsive, in the moment, to the effects of toxic experiences on the educational mission.

Through specialized stress reduction sessions, classroom-wide psychoeducation, and school-wide early detection and screening, ALIVE creates a healthy, open conversation about the effects of stress and ties the students’ lived experiences into the school curriculum.

The result: Calmer classrooms, fewer office referrals and aggressive incidents and educators who can devote more time to education.

Recent research reveals that nearly half of all US children have experienced at least one Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE), and nearly one-fourth have experienced two or more.

The biological toxic stress from these traumas can literally re-wire young brains—putting children at greater risk for chronic health problems, homelessness, incarceration and shortened life spans.

ALIVE creates healthy school communities of students, teachers and parents!