Welcome to the
world of Miss Kendra

Addressing Toxic Stress Proactively
By Bearing Witness to Students’
Lived Experiences

Worries make it hard to learn!-

when trusted adults listen to children’s worries, the stress no longer gets in the way!


Miss Kendra Programs provide a way for our students to give voice to their worries, and know our school is a safe place in which they can receive support.

Principal, Edgewood Magnet School, New Haven, Connecticut

“We have seen decreases in behavior; we have seen children speak their truths in letters to Miss Kendra and conversations on the carpet. To watch their faces after they speak their truths is like watching someone who has been trying to carry a large weight on their shoulders for a long time finally be able to put it down.”

2nd Grade Teacher, Bearfield Primary School, Ahoskie, North Carolina

“Students have a chance to share thoughts and feelings without feeling judged."

4th Grade Teacher, Murphy, North Carolina

Appropriate for every school

Miss Kendra Programs are social-emotional curriculum for grades k-12, led by your teachers, adaptable to fit your classroom and school environment.

Easily scalable

From one school to the whole district, Miss Kendra makes a positive impact.

Builds lifelong skills

Miss Kendra Programs create resilient students and empowered teachers who can engage in active listening and open conversations.

I am Miss Kendra

Like Miss Kendra, we can all help someone by asking and listening.

Bring Miss Kendra to Your School!