Miss Kendra Program is an evidence-based social emotional learning curriculum developed by trauma experts to prevent and address childhood trauma.

Through stories, sharing, imagination and play, Miss Kendra Programs helps students build their capacity to cope with big feelings, empowering them to share their worries and creating safe, supportive spaces to grow, thrive and be able to focus on school.

The all-inclusive cost of implementing the The all-inclusive cost of implementing the Miss Kendra Program is $17,500 per school in the first year, and $5,000 per year every year after that.

Resources Program

Foundations Program

The Foundations program provides a year-long curriculum guided by PowerPoints through which teachers guide students through Miss Kendra’s List, supported by fictional letters to Miss Kendra and hypothetical student experiences. The program is implemented through weekly 30-minute lessons.

Students learn through stories, building empathy and understanding for characters facing difficult feelings and challenges. Foundations gives school districts greater flexibility and an accessible toolkit to address and minimize the impact of trauma and toxic stress.

Signature Program

Age-Appropriate Curriculum

Miss Kendra Programs are available for grades Kindergarten through 12th Grade

K – 1st Grade

2nd – 3rd Grade

4th – 5th Grade

6th – 8th Grade

9th – 12th Grade

Miss Kendra’s Toolbox

Miss Kendra Time Lessons

Students learn The Legend of Miss Kendra through weekly lessons led by their teachers, based on a structured curriculum.

Red Bead Moments

Students are given red wooden beads when they share significantly stressful experiences, following Miss Kendra’s lead in saying, “This red bead is for your strength.”

Letter Writing

By writing letters to Miss Kendra and receiving a letter back from her, students unburden themselves and learn to articulate their thoughts and feelings.

Miss Kendra’s Red Hat

The red hat represents the magic of Miss Kendra, for Miss Kendra can be imagined by each student in their own way, of any age, of any race, of any nationality. All that matters is taking the time to make a child feel seen and heard.

Miss Kendra’s List

Miss Kendra’s List is the backbone of the Program. It stands up to the major adversities in a child’s life. The List is a Declaration to Protect Children!

No child should:

  • be harmed because of their race, religion, or gender.
  • be left alone for a long time.
  • be bullied or told they are no good.
  • be touched in their private parts.
  • have to see other people hurt each other.
  • be scared by gun violence at home or in school.


  • it makes a child feel bad about themselves.
  • it makes a child not care about school.
  • it makes a child feel sad or scared or lonely.
  • it makes a child feel angry and want to fight too much.
  • it makes a child feel like not trying hard or giving up.
  • it makes a child worry a lot about their family.
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